About rocnewsoc Roc N Soc

In 1987, Roc-n-Soc became the first seat manufacturer in the world to offer a motion throne. Within a few years we added the first sculptured seat in the industry to add to our unique offerings. By 1990, we were offering the industry’s first colored and embroidered cloth seats.

In less than 5 years, we were offering the industry’s first successful tri-pod gas-shock throne along with a smooth swivel seat. We soon were offering the first retro-fit seat for all throne manufacturers and added back-rest kits. The next year we offered the industry’s first successful five-leg throne and soon after introduced a round seat with recessed center.

We added the industry’s first successful guitar stool in 2003. And the next year became the leader with the music industry’s broadest line of seating. And now we have added new seat color options with tan and green.

Why Choose Us

Industry Standard

Originator and developer of “Seating for Musicians” with numerous industry firsts and advancements. Since 1990, Roc-n-Soc has set the standard for quality, pricing and delivery.

Musician Exclusive

The only, ‘Throne Only’ seat manufacturer for musicians, with in-house engineering, manufacturing, sales and service.

Ergonomic Focus

Saddle seats, shocks and rockers reduce fatigue on lower back and legs with a focus on support, stability and comfort. We were building ergonomics into our seating long before industries moved in that direction.

Quality Seating

Seats, bases and hardware are built using the best materials in the world. Multiple sets of eyes check and re-check every step in the manufacturing process.

Lifetime Investment

Welds are 100% guaranteed, and all models are repairable and upgradeable. We resolve all issues within 24 hours of contacting us.

Product Line

Full line of musician seating with optional back-rest, colors, bases and seats. No other musician seating manufacturer has our depth and breadth of choices, quality standards and industry firsts.